Top Five Ways to Remove Eye Makeup

Top Five Ways to Remove Eye Makeup


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You finally managed to do your eye makeup perfectly. Your mascara went on like a dream, you chose an amazing shade of eye shadow, and the liner you added looked so flawless that everyone assumed your lashes were naturally full. You don’t want to take off your beautiful look, but sadly, you have to. It’s time to go to bed. Where do you even start? Read on for our top five ways to remove eye makeup.

1. Traditional eye makeup remover
Most beauty brands offer a traditional liquid eye makeup remover that you can use to remove your mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. This can be a very easy solution to remove even water-proof makeup, but those with sensitive skin may have issues with burning or irritation. To use, pour some of the liquid eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. Hold the cotton pad over your closed eyes for a few seconds, then wipe it off. It can help to leave the liquid and cotton on your eyelids for a bit longer if you have extra difficult makeup to remove.

2. Baby shampoo
The tear-free baby shampoo you use on your kids can also work wonders on your eye makeup. It can be a better bet than traditional eye makeup remover for those with sensitive skin, and won’t cause any burning. To use, first put a bit of water on your eyelids. Then, add a touch of baby shampoo. Lightly massage the area until the shampoo suds up, and then massage the suds all around your eyelids. Wash the area off with lukewarm water when done. This should remove even water-proof eye makeup.

3. Vaseline
Chances are, your mother or grandmother already knows this trick. Vaseline and petroleum jelly work great for removing all kinds of eye makeup. To use, smooth a quarter-sized amount of jelly on your eyelids. Massage it around, then remove it with a tissue or cotton pad. This method has an added bonus of moisturizing the skin around your eyes.

4. Baby wipes and Chapstick
If you’re camping and wearing eye makeup in the wilderness, or you get caught on a trip without your luggage, it’s easy to remove eye makeup using baby wipes or even Chapstick. Use the baby wipes to wipe around the eye area completely. Most brands are very gentle and won’t clog pores. Chapstick also works in a pinch. Simply rub it over your eyelid, massage it around, and then remove it with a tissue.

5. Lotion and water
You don’t always need to remove all of your eye makeup. Sometimes, it’s just your eyeliner that needs a touch-up. Maybe your hand slipped while you were using the eyeliner pencil. No worries. Just take a Q-tip and get some water or lotion on it. Rub the Q-tip where you have a smudge or a liner slip and it should disappear right away. This works best if you haven’t already applied eye shadow. If you have applied eye shadow, you may need to reapply your color in the place you’ve tried to touch up.

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