Press Release: Introducing the Launch of Pure Home

Press Release: Introducing the Launch of Pure Home


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INTRODUCING THE LAUNCH OF PURE HOME: A Revolutionary Marketplace of Ideas & Technology for the Home Furnishings Market


PURE HOME makes remarkable living easy. With patented design tools and contextually relevant product recommendations, PURE HOME gives online consumers the buying confidence they need to turn their dream spaces into realities.


December 5, 2013 (Seattle, WA) PURE HOME launches as the first e-commerce design platform to be funded by home décor industry insiders, bringing together a group of investors that includes top furniture manufacturers, dealers and executives. These investors and industry thought-leaders all see the need for a solution to these challenges: immature technology that hasn’t kept pace with rapidly changing consumer buying behavior, and the fragmentation of the business relationship between dealers and manufacturers that has resulted in industry inefficiencies. PURE HOME is the solution to these challenges. It has created a new marketplace that is based on the latest technology, reflects rapidly changing consumer buying behavior, creates an industry standard and brings harmony to all stakeholders through wide-spread collaboration.


PURE HOME takes a bold new approach to the shopping experience for home décor products. Its tools and offerings mimic the design and buying process typically provided by world-class interior designers, yet all of PURE HOME’s services are available online for convenience and free of charge for consumers. PURE HOME also affords consumers a visually rich search environment, aspirational room views and carefully curated products.


PURE HOME’s robust technology platform incorporates a patented product recommendation engine that delivers a breakthrough user experience and outpaces the traditional shopping experience. PURE HOME uses machine learning technology and a specialized set of algorithms, much like popular matchmaking sites, to deliver contextually relevant product recommendations. Because products are classified and recommended based on 42 attributes, including style, color and color palette, it is simple for consumers to accurately coordinate products and colors for their living spaces. Its patented contextual search technology gives PURE HOME a durable advantage in its marketplace, along with the flexibility to create additional user experiences based on color, style and other product attributes.


PURE HOME offers consumers an extensive selection of products from the nation’s top brands. Its tools and services are ideal for consumers wanting to purchase a single item, as well as those looking to source for larger projects. Consumers are not just limited to their own expertise and imaginations. They are also provided tools, such as Design Space, which give them the ability to create storyboards of their favorite products and colors. Consumers are also provided with matching product and color recommendations based on profiles created by experienced interior designers and architectural colorists. Each recommendation comes with a unique score that reflects its percentage of compatibility with consumers’ unique designs and makes the process of choosing the right recommendation effortless. Another tool, Shop by Vibe, offers thousands of aspirational images and allows consumers to find products and designs that match their overarching style vibe. Design Space, Shop by Vibe and product recommendations give consumers instant feedback on how their design elements will interact and coordinate before making a buying decision. These tools turn the design process into a gaming experience. The end result is increased buying confidence.


PURE HOME is not only challenging the status quo of the home furnishings market; it is also revolutionizing traditional e-commerce by offering a “Buy Local” option that connects consumers with local dealers. PURE HOME currently works with over 300 of the top furniture and design manufacturers in the country, and new products and color options are introduced on the site daily. PURE HOME has aggressive plans to continually raise the bar on the consumer shopping experience through its investment in new technologies and interactive shopping experiences.


“Our goal is to create a breakthrough user experience that instills buying confidence in consumers. We do this by providing them with the most advanced technology in the home décor industry, giving them access to thousands of traditionally hard-to-find products from the nation’s marquee brands and bringing harmony to the manufacturer-dealer-consumer relationship. It’s a win-win-win,” says PURE HOME founder and CEO Barry Abraham.



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