E. S. Green, Novelist

Dear Ms. Overby,

Thank you again for the excellent work you provided me on my novel, Settle for Silver. When we discussed your services, I told you that my previous experiences with two proofreader/editors were not very successful; the first made changes directly into Word without any marks or explanations, the second indicated comments in Microsoft Tracks, which became so cumbersome that I wasted many hours. Neither provided me with written comments or a face to face meeting to discuss issues and question.

You suggested that I provide you with a paper copy and you would mark comments in red. This method worked well and was easy to follow; each printed page corresponded directly to my Word page. It was obvious from your marks that you read the entire novel through twice and gave much thought to your comments.

When you finished, right on schedule, it was most helpful to meet and discuss your written list of comments and questions about grammar, plot and character development. Because I believed they improved my novel, in most cases I agreed with your suggestions. I especially appreciated your keen eye that detected inconsistencies within the plot. Twice you noted that events were out of sequence. Maybe most readers would not have noticed, but you did and the novel is better for it. In a few cases, you questioned the appropriateness of historical terms and I agreed that for the typical reader they would be distractions. We improved the sentences and used descriptions rather than the single word. Often, as an author, I have a gut feeling that something is not the way I want it, but I delay working to improve it. Your suggestion that one particularly racy scene, although well written, was not in keeping with the novel’s genre. That was what my gut was telling me also. I’ve rewritten the scene and now feel much better about its contribution to the story.

As we all know, the publishing world is changing and competition is increasing. I’ve heard agents say that they won’t submit a work unless it has been polished by an editor and proofreader. With the input you have provided, I now feel comfortable that my novel is ready.


E. S. Green

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