To Endings … and Beginnings

When Mac and I originally set out on this epic journey, we thought for sure we’d be home by the beginning of October. It’s funny to think that with our original timeline, we would’ve been back stateside almost two months ago. Instead, in the fall we decided to extend our trip. After all, when are we ever going to have the opportunity to travel like this again? Probably never.


Extending meant we had more time to wind our way through Europe, which is what we were doing until today, when we flew to Southeast Asia. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting about the last of our European adventures, from hiking King Ludwig’s Way in Bavaria to biking through Holland to embracing winter at the very top of Norway.



It was very bittersweet for us to finish up our grand tour of Europe. And it still doesn’t feel quite real. But we’re excited to kick off this new adventure in a totally different part of the world. For the next month—and the last month of our trip—we’ll be exploring Thailand and Cambodia before heading back to Seattle in early January.

We’re looking forward to beaches and hot weather, which they have plenty of in this part of the world. But more than anything, we can’t wait to see all of you when we get back home!

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  1. We also can’t wait to see both of you!
    Enjoy every moment of this last chapter in your great adventure!

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