Reinvention Is All about Resolutions—Old and New!

Reinvention Is All about Resolutions—Old and New!

Reinvention Is All about Resolutions—Old and New!


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Today is the first day of 2014. All around the world, New Year’s resolutions are being committed to fridges, mirrors, and Facebook walls. Resolutions are being tested; people are flocking to brightly lit gyms and swallowing horse-size diet pills in the name of better health. With all of the excitement about the future, it’s easy to wish away the past or lose sight of it entirely. But hold on a minute! Slow down. As you jump on that treadmill, consider one thing: You can’t know where you’re going until you acknowledge where you’ve been.

The first step to successfully reinventing yourself in 2014 just may be thoughtful reflection on 2013. What did you achieve? What were your priorities? Where did you spend most of your time? What would you have done better? For now, just ponder and take mental notes. Chew on the questions; contemplate them mindfully. The answers will come soon enough. One of my favorite places to be alone with my thoughts is in the woods.

Feet walking in the dirt

Pondering your existence in nature is great, but pondering in nature—while on a getaway—is even better. Find a secluded spot where you can just be. Look for a place that strikes your fancy and stimulates your imagination.

Glamping Pic

Can’t find the time for a proper getaway? You can bring the quiet of nature to your own space! In only a few simple steps you can turn your home into a meditative mecca. First things first: light a fire. Nothing facilitates contemplation more than fire. There’s something about the amber light, the fragrant air, and the hypnotic crackling that just calms the mind.

Fireplace in a simple room

Next, tackle seating. I love this round pouf from Surya. It’s taller than a meditation cushion but just as cushy.

Pouf seat

Now that you have a warm fire and a comfortable place to sit, add the softest blanket you can find. This luxe turquoise one from Woven Workz will do the trick. Its tranquil color will remind you of the ocean and you won’t be able to resist its texture.


Writing by firelight is lovely in concept but not always easy on the eyes. That’s why this floor lamp from NOVA is perfect. It will provide a good amount of light while also blending into your relaxing décor. Want to go one better? Try adding a dimmer switch to the lamp.


Now that the ambiance has been set and you’ve had time to reflect, it’s time to write down your most important thoughts. Capture your sentiments in a beautiful journal or sketch the things that come to you. Don’t edit yourself or correct anything—just get it all down on paper. Write with abandon.


Once you’ve gotten everything down on paper, put away your notebook and just breathe. You can go back and read what you’ve written at some point in the next few days if you like, or choose not to return to the pages at all. The magic of journaling doesn’t come from the writing itself. Instead, it comes from the awareness you build about yourself. It comes from remembering all of the amazing things you accomplished in the last year—and promptly forgot about—and reminding yourself to apply what you’ve learned to your future. All it takes is a little awareness and self-reflection; 2014 really can be your best year yet.

We’d love to know—how do you plan to make 2014 better than 2013?

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