Reinventing Gifting—One Indulgence at a Time

Reinventing Gifting—One Indulgence at a Time

Reinventing Gifting—One Indulgence at a Time


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When it comes to gifting, my family has always been thoughtful. Recently, though, my sister took things to new heights. To celebrate my birthday, she made lunch reservations for two at a marvelous elite restaurant. The ambiance was luxe, the service was top shelf, and so was the champagne she treated me with. Needless to say, I felt utterly and completely loved! I would never have indulged myself with such a glamorous outing. That afternoon, my sister gave me a gesture more delighting and decadent than I would have ever given myself.

Champagne and fruit

That afternoon got me thinking: I’m not alone—there are throes of people who either can’t or won’t splurge on themselves.  We ask for practical gifts: things we need around the house or day-to-day essentials. Anything else seems excessive, indulgent, or, well, impractical. Sound familiar, anyone?  I thought maybe.

Presenting a gift

I’m convinced now that even the most practical person wants—needs—to be indulged from time to time. So this holiday season, I’m reinventing myself and how I gift. I’m going to spread indulgence and impracticality to all of the practical people in my life. I encourage you to do the same!

Slipping into a warm, fragrant bath is one of the simplest but most indulgent experiences in life.  The time away from responsibilities and hard edges of everyday life is priceless.  Giving someone a basket of tub-side indulgences, from candles to bath salts to body butter, makes it easy for them to cast off the day and lose themselves in self-care.

Bath set

Bath with baskets

These baskets from Europe2You are perfect for giving these gifts, but also for keeping them tub-side and ready for use. But that’s not all.  The bather will want to reuse these smart, versatile baskets long after the bath supplies have run out.

Nesting baskets

And we all know a bath just isn’t complete without candles. There’s just something about the amber light and intoxicating fragrance that completes the perfect bath-time ambiance. This cherry blossom candle from Rendezvous Soy caught my imagination.

Cherry blossom candle

Do you enjoy your tub time with a side of wine?  Try including a special-occasion wine glass in your spa basket, along with a remarkable bottle of wine. Go for something that your favorite person wouldn’t normally drink, like a rare vintage or an ultra-feminine rosé.

Bath and wine

Lavender stemware

If there is anything you can impress upon the pragmatic people in your life, it’s that any ordinary moment can be beautiful AND practical. You don’t have to lose yourself in a soak or enjoy fine wine to feel indulged. Even something as de rigeur as a quiet moment with your morning cappuccino can make you feel special when you add elements that make your soul sing. Take these cups and saucers from Pip Studio Home, for example. An everyday moment can make you smile when it’s celebrated with a gift from someone who wants you to feel pampered.

Cappucino mugs

Indulging those you adore could be addicting. Side effects could include the desire to indulge yourself too! And that, oh practical one, would be a very good thing.

We’d love to know—how do you indulge those you love?

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