Reinventing Adventure in the New Year: At Home and Abroad

Reinventing Adventure in the New Year: At Home and Abroad

Reinventing Adventure in the New Year: At Home and Abroad


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By now, most people who are traveling have made it home for the holidays. Gifts are being opened, and Christmas is in full swing. New Year’s resolutions might even be on paper. There’s promise in the air: promise of better habits, better priorities, and a better year. I’ve been thinking about my resolutions a lot lately, and I finally landed on something that makes my soul sing: travel! I used to be quite the globetrotter, but in the past few years my focus has been primarily on career and home. Time for me to get back to my roots and have an adventure! Maybe it is for you, too.

If you’re anything like me, there are certain things that you really miss about home when you’re away. Maybe it’s curling up with a cozy throw and your favorite show, maybe it’s being organized and knowing where everything is. With a little planning, you can have it all: home and travel, comfort and adventure. The key is to let your home influence your travel and to let your travel influence your home. Read on for some inspiration!

If one of your favorite things about home is curling up on the couch with a plush blanket, a glass of cab, and a whole season of your favorite show, pack this mini-projector from Vivitek on your next trip. It’s as small as the palm of your hand and turns any blank hotel wall into a movie screen.

Tiny projector

There’s nothing more welcoming than reconnecting with family and friends after an extended trip. I love the idea of hosting a global-themed movie night that reflects the places you’ve traveled.

Elephant pillow

Gold pouf

If you love the organization and predictability of home, try revamping your luggage to make your belongings more accessible. This three-compartment carry-on from TRUco comes apart and can be split up among the overhead bins, seatback, and space underneath the seat in front of you.

When it comes to wearable gear, The Scott eVest is one of my favorite pieces. It has hidden pockets that can safely store everything from an iPad to a water bottle. What’s best is that the whole jacket can be removed at airport security and placed in a screening bin. You won’t have to repack your pockets, and all of your belongings will be kept together.

Don’t let inventive organization go by the wayside once you get home from your travels. Even storage containers can take on a global theme and remind you of all of the places you’ve been. These baskets from GO Home and Cyan Designs are perfect for reminiscing about the French countryside.

Standing basket

Set of two baskets

Traveling is the perfect opportunity for a picnic. What’s better than grabbing a baguette, some meat and cheese, and a great bottle of wine on the go? Make everything easy to carry with this linen wine caddy from Sarreid.

Wine caddy

Relive your favorite travel moments with a memory board from Sugarboo Designs. Simply clip and go. Gone are worries about finding matching frames or places to put those frames. As an added bonus, you can easily change the photos out after each trip.

Memory board for photos

What should you do with all of that fabulous wine you discover on your trip? Bring it home, of course! Share it with friends or keep it for a night in. This Jet Bag wine cushion will make sure your wine survives the flight home.

Snapping photos on your trips is fun, but printing those photos when you get home rarely is. Make life easier on yourself with the Polaroid Digital Instant Camera. It makes instantaneous sharing with travel companions a breeze and gives you something to look through on the flight home.

Integrating your home-life with your travel-life may just be one of the best things you do all year. It’ll leave you feeling more centered and open for adventure wherever you are, even in the comfort of your own home.

We’re always up for inspiration—what are your favorite travel gadgets and travel-themed accents?

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