It’s Official: We’re Back!

On Saturday our trip finally came to an end as we flew into SeaTac Airport. It still feels surreal that our traveling is actually done (for now) but we’re keeping plenty busy with reestablishing our home lives.

We’re looking forward to posting our final thoughts on the trip. And to seeing all of you! So don’t be a stranger. Call us up, plan some time to hang out and let us know if you have any questions you want answered in our post-trip wrap-up. We hope to hear from you soon!




  1. Welcome home!!

  2. So happy to have you back on this side. Will touch base soon, know you will be busy for a while! Love you, G&G

    • Excited to see you both whenever it works! Love you!

  3. SO glad you’re home safe and sound! Congratulations on taking the trip of a lifetime that few of us can imagine and sharing it with the class!! :)

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