Europe Trip: The Netherlands

Throughout our entire trip, Mac and I have planned our itinerary around the weather. Even though it meant spending more money on transportation, we wound our way through Europe (sometimes in zig-zag patterns) hitting towns, festivals and attractions at prime time. For most of the trip, our strategy worked. Until the Netherlands, that is. We were supposed to visit the land of tulips, windmills and dikes in July but we chose to do a boat cruise through Europe then instead. That meant we didn’t get around to visiting the Netherlands until November—the country’s rainiest month.

We didn’t let the weather deter us, even though it tried its darndest. Our original goal had been to bike the notoriously flat roads. In between seeing Amsterdam, the Hague, Delft and Rotterdam, we did just that. It was some of the most challenging biking we’ve done all trip. We faced such strong headwinds that at times we barely moved forward; torrential downpours soaked our rain gear right through; and we had to wait out a few squalls in the shelter of overpasses. But we did it. And we got some great windmill porn along the way. Here are our favorite shots.










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